A Little Bit of Paris in NYC

by Liz Dubin

This week I had the opportunity to explore decadent places around NYC that feel like Paris, France. I am deeply inspired by anything French whether that be a cute coffee shop, Parisian clothing, or a good pair of socks! First off on my journey I decided to check out Angelina Paris, a 2 minute walk from the beautiful Bryant Park. I decided to pair my black loafers with our Floral Damask crew socks to give them a chic feel. 


Style 1- Parisian Chic.

I wanted this look to be simple, yet sophisticated. My Ozone socks were the perfect touch to the loafers and I got so many compliments. White goes with just about anything so it was the right addition to my look. The floral lace brings out the socks being perfectly paired with my striped shirt!

With my socks I felt glamorous, sophisticated, and beautiful. The tile on the floor of Angelina also matches my whole look. Angelina also offers Parisian lattes and flavorful croissants for your choosing. 


Style 2- Uptown Glam 

Next on my list was Albertine, a French bookstore on 79th & 5th! Albertine has over 14,000 contemporary and classic titles. At Albertine I wore our sheer Pinstripe black socks. They go with just about any chic outfit and can be dressed down from day to night. It was the perfect addition to my outfit on a hot summer day. The sheer collection adds a level of sophistication to your closet that other socks cannot bring. Even on a warm day they are a comfortable classic staple that everyone needs!