Behind the Designs: Apothecary Floral Knee High Socks

August 16, 2017

Behind the Designs: Apothecary Floral Knee High Socks

Botanical Bouquet On Display

Ozone’s Apothecary floral socks are in bloom once more! This year, we looked to recent trends in natural essential oils and set our sights on plants popularly used in aromatherapy. To accentuate the vine-like growth of each plant, knee-high socks were an obvious choice as the canvas for this collection - perfect for fall and the colder months. Scroll through to read about what we learned during our research about this bouquet of botanicals!


Very common in home gardens and in landscaping, this beloved bloom actually packs quite a medicinal punch. Aside from the petals themselves being sweet and nutritious, using daylily as a tincture can help to alleviate the effects of insomnia and melancholy.

 ozone design daylily apothecary floral knee high socks


You’ve probably had it in a bedtime tea a hundred times or more, but its use goes far beyond simple relaxation. Add chamomile essential oils to your bathwater to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, or diffuse them for relief of cold and flu symptoms. Even the fresh flowers kept in a vase will bring joy with their unmistakably lovely scent.

 ozone design chamomile apothecary floral knee high socks


Another herb that you may have tasted before in relaxing teas, jasmine has an extremely potent scent most known for its aphrodisiac qualities. Cleopatra even used it to attract Mark Anthony! Its essential oil is a very effective treatment for depression, impotence, and can assist the user in healing difficulties in breathing.

 ozone design jasmine apothecary floral knee high socks


Historically an appreciated, though sometimes invasive weed, the passion flower would snake its way through empty spaces in gardens, though farmers appreciated the edible fruits and medicinal roots. Today it is most frequently found in essential oil form, said to help calm circular thinking and anxiety, and alleviate premenstrual symptoms. Be prepared for a restorative deep sleep after use!

 ozone design passionvine apothecary floral knee high socks


Popular in the Middle East as a cold infusion drink on hot summer days, hibiscus can help replenish electrolytes; think of it as an herbal Gatorade! In aromatherapy, however, its oil form is helpful for its anti-aging properties on wrinkled skin and thinning hair. Apply a little drop directly on skin to get rid of acne and blemishes, or mix it into a homemade or commercial shampoo for a heavenly scent with restorative benefits.

 ozone design hibiscus apothecary floral knee high socks


Know any other uses for these florals? Have you experienced their healing properties before? Let us know in the comments!

~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone Design

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