Can A Man Wear Women's Socks? And Vice Versa!

September 19, 2017

Can A Man Wear Women's Socks? And Vice Versa!

Unisex Socks

Who says men can’t wear women’s socks? Fashion has constantly blurred lines and made us rethink our expectations of gender, influencing and changing culture along the way. In just the past year, runways have been walked by models of all genders wearing the same collection, and several designers have done away with gender completely.

ozone design 4 elements fire novelty sock

Though our collections are separated between “men’s” and “women’s” on our website, we often refer to them in our office as simply “small” and “large”.  We believe that socks are your wardrobe’s secret weapon, and that truly making a statement goes beyond the confines of how you are expected to dress.

Subtle Style

The possibilities are endless, with varying degrees of subtlety: A floral print from the Ozone garden brings a welcomed diversion from a regular black sock whether it’s paired with a suit and tie or shorts and skate shoes. Balance a masculine ensemble with some traditionally feminine pastel colors. Stay warmer than all the other guys this winter with angora wool knee-highs hidden underneath your snow pants. Evoke some Michael Jackson style with sparkly lurex, or subvert traditional dress socks and rock sheers instead.

ozone design's papillon collage sock with floral print

Express Yourself

Most importantly, free yourself from the notion that just because something is geared towards a particular gender that you can’t wear it. If something catches your eye and you love it, then it’s meant to be. Rock it, express yourself and don’t think about what anyone else thinks!

Got a gender neutral statement piece? Let us know below!

~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone

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