Design Your Own Sock Competition

July 26, 2018

ozone design design your own sock competition

Win $75 Worth of Free Socks!

Are you a misunderstood genius?

Seen too many fashion shows with models wearing nothing but saran wrap and a bicycle seat?

Tired of overpaid designers with bogus accents and turtlenecks getting all the praise and admiration you so rightfully deserve?

Ozone Design Inc. understands you.

Which is why we present to you the DESIGN YOUR OWN SOCK COMPETITION!!

Design the sock that you would want to wear and send it into us with your email address/phone number. The winner will receive 6 free pairs of socks ($75 value), as well as the satisfaction only free product can provide. The competition begins today and runs through September 30, 2018 when the winner will be crowned. The procedure couldn’t be simpler; just print out a copy of our sock template above, draw on your design, send it to us, and we’ll make sock history!!

Submissions can be emailed to or mailed to:
Ozone Design Inc.
307 7th Ave Suite 1603
NY, NY 10001
Deadline to Submit: September 30, 2018

Previous Winners and Honorable Mentions

Kate Kim, Matthew Lee, Milan Birinbaum, Emily Wu, Eben Burgoon, Kizis Plamandon, Linda Connelly, Matthew Yee, Linda Kaye-Moses, Celine Khawam, Dolores Poacelli, Arnaud D'Aunay

ozone design previous winners of the design your own sock competition

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Sizing Guide

Sock Size

9-11 10-12
U.S. M Shoe Size 4½-7½ 8-12½
U.S. W Shoe Size 5½-9½ 10-12½