Fall 2022 Suiting Collection Blog

Ozone is thrilled to introduce to you our Fall 2022 Suiting Collection!


Traditional men’s suit fabrics are the main inspiration behind Ozone’s new fall collection.

In keeping with Ozone’s mantra “Socks are the New Ties”, a more casual approach to business attire has become the norm.

Our new suiting socks transfer iconic men's suit patterns to our new way of life.

In twisting a traditional vocabulary, Ozone has come up with an exciting and dynamic new collection of socks for men and women.




Channel (Left) and Trew (Right): 


Tartan: Grey (Left) and Black (Right) 




Ecossais: Violet (Left), Turquoise (Middle), Red (Right)






Club Check: 






Zig Zag: Right (Blue)