High Quality Socks - 3 Steps To Ozone's Cotton Socks

January 16, 2018

High Quality Socks - 3 Steps To Ozone's Cotton Socks

Foundation of Superior Quality For Each and Every Style

There are plenty of great-looking socks on the market, but not all great looking socks are created equal. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail we put into each of our designs, but put just as much emphasis on using cottons that will make for the best looking - and feeling - sock. The production process for our cotton socks follows three guidelines: prioritizing long fibers, using specialized stitching for a cleaner looking product, and a commitment to ethics.

Length Is Strength

It’s a simple connection: in order to create the best quality socks, we need to source the best quality materials. When it comes to the cottons that are used for our products, we don’t give you the short end of the stick: we choose long fiber, as opposed to shorter, less durable counterparts. Several cultivars of cotton exist, but those with longer fibers fade and wrinkle less, and make a more seamless garment that will continue to feel comfortable for years to come. Most of our socks utilize a blend of high-quality long fiber cottons, while our basics collection is made completely from Pima cotton. Pima holds the record for the longest thread available in fashion textiles - akin to the luxurious comfort of Egyptian fiber sheets.

Not Just What They’re Made Of, But How They’re Made

The mills that Ozone partners with use precision technology in their stitching, showing an attention to detail in the production process that is often eschewed by other companies to cut costs or put quantity over quality. Most notably, a technique known as the pointed toe is applied to make the garment appear and feel more seamless, which also minimizes the potential for frays and tears over time.  Our mills’ choice to use long fiber cottons, paired with this seamless stitch, makes for a garment that emphasizes the textile’s best attributes of comfort and durability.

Fair Trade: A Commitment To Ethics

At Ozone, we believe that doing good is just as important as looking good. That’s why we make sure to partner with production facilities which operate under Fair Trade practices in sourcing their textiles. Not sure what that means? In short, it ensures that farmers continue to receive a fair, and more importantly, stable price for their cotton in an unstable economy. The Fair Trade Foundation reports that “the price of cotton has slumped in the past 30 years, even though the cost of producing it has risen,” meaning that small farmers across the world are struggling to survive despite working the same amount, if not more.

~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone Design

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