How To Be A Stylish Mom: Working vs. Stay at Home


Who Runs the World? MOMS

Let’s be honest, we ALL have a style. Yes, even the moms of the world! Whether you’re an adventurous, globe-trotting babe, a quirky, loose-lipped software engineer, or an always on-the-go, eccentric sock-wearing stay at home mom, you have a uniqueness to you that comes through with your style! We’ll be going over some of the essentials for each; pieces every mom - working or stay at home, should have in their collection. From business casual, to comfortably stylish, to bad ass boss lady, there’s something here for everyone!

Working Gal 

If you’re among one of the nearly 70% of mothers with children and you take part in the workforce outside of your home, congrats! This stylish section is for you! Since WWII, the number of women out in the workforce has been climbing. So with all the stylish working moms out there, YOU being one of them, you may wonder, “What does the working mom’s style look like in today’s world”?

working mom fashion

All in a Day’s Work

If you’re a nine to fiver and usually glued to a desk, you probably work in an office setting. Now-a-days, office settings have become a lot more casual. Most offices have a casual Friday where employees are encouraged to throw on their favorite pair of jeans and some comfortable shoes. Gone are the days of being uncomfortable in your cube! A working mom’s style in this kind of environment is classy, yet trendy. You may shop at stores like Ann Taylor and just might own a couple pant suits. From muted colors to earth toned neutrals, our stylish essentials for the office working mom are:

working mom fashion pant suit

    Easy, polished shirts
    Structured dresses
    Chic tunics and dreamy blouses
    Taylored, straight-leg pants
    Pencil skirts
    Pointy toe booties
    Classic pumps
    Suede, over-the-knee boots
    Minimalistic, statement jewelry pieces

    Hands on Job

    Maybe you don’t work in an office and definitely don’t work from your home everyday. You are a mom who is in a more customer service oriented field! Not only do you take care of your family at home, you take care of others at your job. You might find yourself shopping at stores like Eileen Fisher; for casual, cool, polished pieces. You’re a barista, a teacher, or maybe even a hair stylist! Your job is to help people, perform a service or even help to make someone feel good about themselves. So, what are some of your work essentials? Your goal is to be work appropriate but still show off your personality and style. A woman in this field may love wearing:

    working mom bold statement pieces and ripped jeans

      Bold, statement pieces
      Relaxed cardigans and sweaters
      Bright colored blazers
      Patterned dresses
      Dressy flats
      Comfortable, knee high boots
      Chic sneakers
      Leggings paired with a boho-y tunic
      Perfect pair of jeans
      Fun jewelry to really show off your personality

      Stay at Home Dame

      In recent years, around 27% of mother’s worked from home but that number is steadily growing. Whether your full time job at home IS being a mom or you’re a web content designer that works remote, the stay at home mom essentials can be more comfort based but still super stylish! You probably aren’t meeting with clients or you have to be able to follow your energetic three year old all over the house, so something slightly more relaxed is key to this mom’s style! A few basic staples are some of the SAHM essentials and also:

      wardrobe for stay at home mom

        Your fav high waisted, skinny jeans
        Yoga pants or joggers
        Slouchy sweaters and cardigans
        Boxy, striped tees
        Basic, cotton tees and tanks
        Booties, cute flats or a comfy pair of Vans
        Fitted hoodies
        Fun, patterned socks
        Fresh appearance

        Mom Style 101

        With women making up almost 50% of the labor force these days, it’s essential to know how to dress at work! Your style is your distinctive appearance, it’s what makes you, you! Whether you’re a stay at home mom or you’re apart of the workforce, there is a TON of fun, trendy clothes out there. Developing a personal work style should be fun and make you feel good, momma!

        ~ Shelby MacIlvain