Justin Trudeau Socks - How To Dress Like A World Leader

Political Style

There are many things that world leaders are known for, but when it comes to fashion, there is admittedly a pretty low bar. Somehow, singlehandedly, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has raised this bar quite a few notches in the past couple of years. Like his father in the 70s and 80s, Trudeau is a regular fixture in the political and fashion press alike - moving Canada forward in style! He might be most famous for his keen eye for great socks (don't worry, we’ll get to that!), but let's take a wider look at some of the things that create his look.

Justin Trudeau speaking in stylish suit

Best Dressed List : Suit

You can't become the only politician to be included on GQ’s annual best dressed list without a snazzy suit. Unlike many men on the world stage, Justin seems to know the value of a good tailor: whether he's spotted in a black tuxedo or clad in khaki, his suits are always perfectly cut and never baggy. To round everything out, he varies the traditional red or blue tie with patterns or stripes, or sometimes a bolder shade of either color.

Justin Trudea in a dotted tie

Accessories For Maximum Style

Options to accessorize that fall into a “world leader appropriate” box are fairly slim pickings - we’d bet Mr. Trudeau’s tattoo won't be making an appearance anytime soon. Still, Trudeau shows he knows how to freshen up tradition. A wristwatch or a variation on black dress shoes are frequent and effective choices, but cold Canadian winters make room for choices like scarves, obviously curated for maximum style. Like no other prime minister could, he even makes turtleneck sweaters look amazing.

Justin Trudeau in a winter scarf

Most Importantly, Socks!

Of all the talk surrounding Trudeau’s style, his socks are his true calling card, or as we would say, his “secret weapon”. The man wore a Star Wars-themed pair to meet the prime minister of Ireland! Who needs a Canadian flag pin when you can just have the maple leaf on your socks? Even when he leans more traditional in design, there's always a splash of color. We love his choices of novelty socks, and it seems like we might even have similar taste: those skull and crossbones look a bit like our Tartan Terrors...hmmm. (Mr. Trudeau, if you're reading this, we have a gift for you!)

Justin Trudeau in novely socks


~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone