How to Keep Socks from Shrinking

December 14, 2017 2 Comments

How to Keep Socks from Shrinking

Sock Washing Instructions

It’s one of those bad laundry days: you open up the dryer and your clothes look crinkled and shrunken. You feel betrayed by the ad you saw for your fancy detergent. A few white socks you accidentally tossed in have turned a strange brown. Worst of all, you can only find the left side of your favorite pair.

The experience of wearing shrunken socks isn’t too comfortable, bunched up in places and too loose in others, a far cry from the glorious first time you wore them. We’ve all encountered this situation, but lucky for you, we’ve got some handy tips to keep your Ozone Socks from shrinking.

ozone design sky signs sheer socks

Hand Wash Your Sheers

Nylon is one of the more damage-susceptible textiles when it comes to machine laundering, so handwashing our sheer socks (and even some of our more delicate men’s dress socks) can ensure maximum longevity. Use a delicate soap or detergent and treat them with care. Pressure is only really needed when removing stains or blemishes.

how to wash ozone design sheer stripe socks

Be Gentle With Your Wools

A wool sweater can shrink several sizes in one mistaken washing, and beware: socks can do the same! Use the gentlest setting on your washing machine, making sure to use only cold water and a detergent suitable for wool. Also take note that unless they are getting noticeably dirty or smelly, you can go through several times wearing your wool pairs before they need to be laundered.

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Not Too Hot For Cotton, Either

Our cotton socks can easily tolerate machines, but washing and drying them on a lower setting is preferable to prevent both shriveling and fading of colors. Use warm or cool water (a delicate detergent is great, though not necessary), a low tumble dry, and they’ll be good as new every time.

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Hang Dry If You Can!

The high heat of dryers will keep the socks from retaining their elasticity, those with a higher nylon content. Small drying racks are cheap and readily available online, even ones that slip over your door for easy storage!

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Keep Socks Neatly Folded

...and put away in their own drawer! Keeping your socks neatly folded allows the textiles to breathe, and gives a noticeably more smooth and comfortable feeling when you first slip them on, opposed to grabbing a pair from a pile. The Konmari technique of folding is worth adapting, which allows socks to easily stand up straight in the drawer. You’ll thank yourself later - how nice will to know exactly where the match for your favorite pairs are?

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~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone Design

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December 04, 2018

After so many of my fav socks lost their ‘sole’ mate, I learned to wash them in mesh laundry bags. Now they are together forever.


January 06, 2018

Amazing.. The designs of socks are really great. Thanks a lot.
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