How To Wear Socks And Sandals

October 16, 2017

How To Wear Socks And Sandals

What's Wrong With Wearing Socks With Sandals?

It’s controversial, it’s taboo, it’s...wearing socks with sandals? You might not think so, but this combination can elicit quite the uproar! (This is especially true in the fashion-forward streets of New York City that we walk every day.) Go ahead and roll your eyes, but as makers and purveyors of socks ourselves, we’re here to make a case for the long-dismissed look.

 ozone design's lace mosaic women's floral socks with sandals

Comfort and Convenience

It’s the reason that your dad “rocks” this look at every theme park or family vacation - yep, right along with his fanny pack. Socks with sandals are the simplest thing to slip on before heading out for the day, and it's admittedly pretty comfortable. You're cringing right now, we know, but think about if you just changed the sock from plain white tube to fabulous florals or a witty novelty design? A slight splash of color can really change your ensemble from look away to keep looking. We'd also suggest a bit of a change when it comes to sandal choice (i.e. not dad sandals), but you're on your own with that one!

 ozone design's african women's floral socks with sandals

Statement Socks

This is our best case for the controversial combination: if you've got a great pair of socks, why not flaunt it? Wearing your socks with a pair of sandals allows the entire sock to be seen, rather than just peeking out of the top of your sneaker or boot. Several of our styles feature designs that run all the way from the cuff to the toe, and dare we say, might even look better with a sandal.

 ozone design's sheer orchid women's floral socks with sandals

Sock With Sandal Trend

Four words: Rihanna’s socks and sandals. The music mogul and modern fashion icon was spotted just the other day with a pair of knitted argyles underneath her pumps, looking good enough to make you forget that your dad ever embarrassed you with the same combo. Several other celebs have also made headlines in recent months with their takes: Kendall Jenner’s more elegant take makes us want to grab a pair of our Sheer Pinstripes for this look, while Valentino’s Resort 2018 collection - described as “refined urban”, featured not just one, but many models walking down the runway in socks and sandals at its unveiling.

 ozone design's papillion collage women's floral socks with sandals

Have any great photos of you rocking socks and sandals with your Ozones? Send them to us or post them below!

~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone

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