Match Your Socks to Your Outfit: 3 Simple Rules


A Guide To Getting Your Sock Choice Right

How many times have you encountered this situation: you’re getting ready and your outfit is on point, but you can’t seem to find socks to match? It often comes down to the slightest details that can make a good outfit into a great one, and we think of socks as your secret weapon to make this transformation. But, how closely should your socks match your tie? What is appropriate to wear with heels? No matter what you are pairing them with, we have three simple rules that stay the same to perfectly integrate your socks into your ensemble.

Choose The Right Color Combinations

High fashion socks

Think about the colors that appear most prominently in what you are wearing. Repetition among clothing and accessories creates a pleasing motif, especially with slight contrasts in shades and hues of the same color. A pair of jet black shoes pairs much better with charcoal socks than ones that are exactly the same shade; essentially, you don’t want to look like one garment bleeds into the other. Also take care to not contrast too sharply: complimentary colors like purple and yellow can work together, but making sure to not choose the boldest shades of each is key to pulling off more tricky combinations.

Think About Contrast In Textures

Textured outfit with sheer socks

Whether it’s between textiles, embellishments or thickness, a well-curated contrast in texture can offer the same benefits as for colors. A pair of silky Japanese nylon sheers or men’s dress socks is a great compliment to thicker or more solid pair of pants, or could also provide some lightness to a bold pair of shoes. Socks with textural flairs such as spots of lurex act as an eye-catching centerpiece to a simpler ensemble.

Go Bold, But In Moderation

Giraffe novelty socks

You’ve got your funkiest pair of novelty socks out of the drawer and ready to go, but then you realize that you’ve also picked an equally flashy tie or jacket. Bold socks are excellent for really making a statement, but become a bit muted when they clash with something else. It should go to say that wearing polka dotted socks with a polka dotted tie is not the best idea, but even matching the same shade of bold color between accessories can often seem less exciting rather than more. Remember that your best socks should be your secret weapon!

~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone Design