Science Socks: Behind Our Designs - DNA Collection

November 29, 2017

Science Socks: Behind Our Designs - DNA Collection

Science Themed Socks: DNA Collection

The Art of Socks gives gene expression a whole new meaning with Ozone’s DNA collection. Always looking for creative stimulation outside of the art world, we were inspired to transpose the foundation of life into the foundation for these scientific styles. Strands of DNA became stretched, repeated, deconstructed and fixed into colorful geometric patterns as we experimented, and eventually came up with three of our coolest men’s designs. No matter if you’re a geneticist making the next great development or are just looking for some nerd-tastic novelty in your wardrobe, you’ll want to wear these genes along with your jeans.

ATP Nucleotide

Often referred to as “molecular currency”, this complex chemical serves as an agent for energy transfer between cells. One of its most important features is that it provides the power needed to form DNA itself. Harness the energy of ATP through this pair, and let it be the foundation for your style!

Ozone design's science socks atp nucleotide


Double Helix

The double helix is the principal term referring to the physical structure of DNA. It contains what’s called the major and minor grooves, two sides of varying widths that proteins bind themselves to. Use this pair to get into your own groove with this broken down geometric pattern.

Ozone design's science socks double helix


Double Wrapped Helix

Another re-imagining of the DNA structure, the Double Wrapped Helix is a pair that you’re going to want wrapped around your feet. Clusters of colorful dots pair with bold splashes of color so well, you’ll feel like you’ve made as great of a discovery as DNA itself!

Ozone design's science socks double wrapped helix


~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone Design

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