Statement Sock Trend - Biggest Stories In Socks

January 23, 2018

Statement Sock Trend - Biggest Stories In Socks

3 Stories That Will Make You Change The Way You Think About Socks

Like any other garment or accessory, socks follow (and set) trends. From show-stopping pairs worn by celebrities walking red carpets worldwide to which combinations are in or out, we’ve got our hands full talking about what’s on our feet. Here are a few of the biggest stories in socks this season.

“A Gentleman’s Accessory”

ozone design men's patterned dress socks

Whether it was industry-driven or that men just came around and learned the joy of accessorizing, men’s socks have experienced a new renaissance in popularity over the past few years. What started as using a great novelty pair to lighten the workplace mood has evolved into full-blown research suggesting that a splash of color in the wardrobe can lead to a change in others’ perception of the wearer.

This was reported in December by British luxury magazine Country Life, citing studies conducted as early as 2015, though even more relevant today as far more sock drawers are filled colorful pairs. Despite their initial hesitation, the publication admits that colorful socks can land job applicants better positions and higher pay, even going so far to argue that different colors can signify varying personality traits. Moving from scoffing to dubbing the perfect pair a “gentleman’s accessory”, such recognition proves that what you put on your feet can matter much more than you might think.

Whose Sparkle Shines Brightest?

Ozone design's lurex shiny womens socks

Perhaps the biggest news in celebrity socks this season amounts to an epic “Who Wore It Better?”. Just weeks after Rihanna debuted a crystal-embellished pair from Gucci on Instagram, Jennifer Lopez posted her own portrait wearing exactly the same ones. Both women wear them well, and point to a larger implication that sparkly socks best round out an ensemble when they’re front and center, completely visible. Kendall Jenner first gained recognition last year on the Cannes red carpet wearing sheers and sandals, and the sparkle trend shines on our feet and in the market.

We Still Can’t Agree About Socks And Sandals

Ozone design's flower wave floral womens socks

It’s as controversial a fashion choice as the fanny pack: You love it or you hate it, and there’s hardly any space in between. We even wrote our own piece on it last year! Vogue just published a new article confirming that the debate lives on as lively as ever, highlighting polarizing takes in the fashion world ranging from “do it, but do it well” to “don’t ever do it.” The latter seems impossible at this point; red carpets are flooded with the look (see the photos in Vogue), and it seems like models have taken after the former opinion and learned to move the trend from embarrassing dad to chic acquired taste.

Can a simple change like wearing cooler socks change the way you think about somebody? Which celebrity wore sparkles the best? Should socks and sandals be widespread or banned forever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone Design

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