The Best Dress Socks For Any Occasion

Business Socks

It’s been a motto of ours for years: socks are your secret weapon for injecting your wardrobe with a bit of personality and artful style. Workplaces still dominated by conservative dress codes find this statement to be particularly true - doctors, businesspeople and teachers are increasingly finding ways to make a statement with socks. Heck, even Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, has found a way to slip in subtle political messages (and publicize his Star Wars fandom) with his choices!

Ozone Cubist dress socks for businessmen, teachers, and doctors

Socks Are The New Ties

Years ago, a tie might have been the only chance for someone to show off a bit of garment-based eccentricity in the workplace. Oh, how the times have changed: last summer, Forbes declared that socks are the new ties, and their popularity has only grown since. On a crowded subway car during New York City’s rush hour, I’ll run into hundreds of people dressed in nearly the same suit and tie apparel, but individuality will still shine through with their sock choice.

Ozone's Circuit Break dress socks for me

Japanese Style

Dressier pairs have become one of our specialties in recent seasons for this reason, especially our Japanese-made styles. 220-thread count nylon ensures sleekness, comfort and longevity, and a wide range of sophisticated designs make a complete overhaul of your sock drawer a serious temptation. Don’t forget to pick up a few novelty pairs - you’ll be the talk of the office on casual Fridays, and might just give a certain Mr. Trudeau a run for his money.

Ozone's drifting koi dress sock for men

Still into solid-color socks in the workplace? We’ve still got you covered with Ozone Basics.

Which designs have you been rocking at work lately? Let us know below!

~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone Design