Warmest Socks For Winter

November 27, 2017

Warmest Socks For Winter

6 Socks We’re Wearing to Keep Warm This Winter

Winter is coming...and not just in the Game of Thrones sense. After some unseasonably warm weather, we’re finally starting to experience some chillier days in New York - and when it’s cold here, it’s cold. Luckily for you (and us), we’ve got several styles that we designed with these kinds of days in mind -- socks that’ll keep you so warm you’ll think it’s already spring. Here are five pairs we’re moving out of winter storage and straight into our sock drawers!


Angora Jambiere Over the Knee Sock

For your tallest winter boots, here are your tallest winter socks. Woven with the finest French angora, this pair is ideal for adding a bit of elegant style into your snow day. You’ll swear it’s like wearing a boot inside your boot!

ozone design's angora wool over the knee socks

Endangered Cats: Snow Leopard Novelty Sock

A novelty design just as fit for roaming snowy mountain peaks as it is for wearing out on the town. The cold may be numbing, but choose these to restore your reflexes to more cat-like than ever before.

ozone design's snow leopard novelty socks


Snow Leopard Print Sock

Going a step beyond painting a portrait of the leopard in its habitat, this one allows you to embody it! Just as warm as a pelt itself (this one also features ultra-comfortable angora wool), reserve these to save you on the days where you think you might lose one of your nine lives in the cold. There’s even a men’s dress sock version!

 ozone design's leopard print socks

Sweater Sock Over the Knee

Yep, sweaters aren’t just for your torso anymore. Whimsical, yet oh so functional, slip these on to match the actual sweater you’re wearing, and keep cozy both inside and out.

 ozone design's sweater over the knee socks

Mini Flower Power Angora

French angora combined with colorful blooms bring the sights and the feeling of sunnier seasons! These may be short in length, but they make up for it in warmth -- unparalleled for crew socks. And in three different colorways? This is a bouquet of flowers we’re keeping out all winter.

ozone design's angora wool floral socks


Laine Polaire Knee High Socks

Here's another knee-high to add to your collection of favorite boot socks. With French wool made from exotic yarn, this warm and a choice of several bold, solid colors, Laine Polaire will melt away any reluctance to venture out into the ice and snow.

ozone design's laine polaire wool knee high socks

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