What Color Socks To Wear

What Does the Color of Your Socks Say About You?

Wearing a great pair of socks can be a bold fashion statement, but can it also convey a deeper meaning? From rebellious and expressive to calm and collected, one’s sock choice helps to shape the perception that others have about them. Unconsciously or not, we gravitate towards colors whose meanings portray what we feel. In other words, the color of our socks (and on a larger scale, other clothing and accessories) becomes a reflection of our feelings and personality. Think about your favorite pairs of socks: do any of these personality traits match your selections?


Traditionally thought of as the color of dominance and authority, black is often seen in corporate environments, fancy events (think black tie) and higher management. However, this dominance can also be seen as intimidating, and seems to be in decline as the main choice for men as bolder and more eccentric colors become more accepted.



There’s a reason they say blue is the warmest color. Those who wear it are seen as strong and dependable, a common choice for teachers, doctors, and others looking to foster an image of warmth and safety.


A sense of emotional passion and mystery is conveyed through red, often leading to a split in interpretation. Excitement and focus are portrayed with red, shown especially by the amount of leaders and speakers who wear it. Others think of it as a sign of rebellion, so be careful where you wear it!


Another selection for portraying passion and self-assurance, but with a much softer edge and sense of calmness than red. Pink is very effective for men, given that as a traditionally “feminine” color, one is driven to think that a man choosing to wear it must possess a high level of confidence.


An earthy color with a down-to-earth vibe. Growth and good health are two of its most telling traits (think of all the outdoor and health food companies with green logos), giving a general sense of a calm, yet confident attitude for those who wear it. Often seen on those who negotiate in business or deal with conflict management.


One of the most attention-grabbing colors, yellow socks give off a sense of fun and light-heartedness. It’s not the best choice for more traditional functions, but one of the best colors for casual events or for those who want to show off a sense of innovation and creativity.


~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone Design