Men's Dotted Socks

Men's Socks with Dots

No need to connect any dots here: it’s clear that Ozone’s Dots collection is full of the most fun mens dress socks available. Featuring several color combinations, from black and white to blue and red, you can mix and match styles for a number of occasions. These are fun groomsmen socks, also great for the office, a day or night out, or just lounging at home.

The luxurious Japanese nylon of Dipped Dots makes a real treat for your feet, and the MTA Subway Route Symbols are a perfect companion for the everyday traveler. When it comes to the best men's dress socks, Ozone is always right on the dot.

Make the office fashionable again. The perfect piece for any outfit, these designed socks from Ozone are created around the world – France, Japan and Columbia. Shop now and receive free shipping on all US orders!

Sizing Guide
Shoe Size
Women's OSFM Women's 5-10 Shoe
Women's S/M Women's 5-10 Shoe
Women's M/L Women's 8.5+ Shoe
Men's OSFM Men's 8-12.5 Shoe
Men's S/M Men's 5-8 Shoe
Men's M/L Men's 8-12.5 Shoe