Radionics Sock


Dial into this radionic frequency! While we can't guarantee that these socks can heal all of your ailments, we can guarantee that you'll look electrifying.

Radionics is a universally accepted term for an alternative technology used to cure or prevent disease and other conditions. It works by connecting the mind of the operator to the underlying condition being treated by the means of focused attention.Your concentration is focused through the radionic device. Our radionic device is a schematic or graphic representation of an electronic device, knitted into the sock! Instructions included.

Ozone makes no medical claim in connection with the Healing Radionic Sock, just let us know how you make out.

Made In: Colombia

Content: 74% Cotton / 25% Nylon / 1% Spandex

Size: Our women's sock translates to a 5-10 women's shoe.

Length: This is a mini crew, or anklet. It sits just above your ankle.

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