Mens Spring 2022 Collection inspired by Constructivism

This spring, Ozone has a gift for you with new designs based on Russian Constructivism. For months, Ozone has been hard at work developing these different styles of socks, using dynamic shapes, bright colors, and strict lines that are guaranteed to scream Constructivism and tie any outfit together.

Emerging from post-World War I Russia, Constructivism took over the Russian art scene, relying on science and engineering, with inspiration from Cubism and Futurism. Click here to learn more about Russian Constructivism and its importance.


Our Cuboid design is one of our more versatile socks, meaning you can wear these from formal events to just hanging out with your friends. That is the beauty of Russian Constructivism, it can be applied anywhere with your outfits because of its simplicity.

Building Block

Our Building Block design may remind you of an old Atari game, but it is far from that. Mixing Constructivist's shapes with bright colors makes this design pop off the sock.


Our Constructivist design has shapes stacking on each other to give you an industrial assemblage vibe with a dark background to make these colors pop.


In our Harmony design, we wanted them to have a simplistic attitude but still be able to catch your attention with the arrangement of shapes inspired by Constructivism's signature style.

Primary Focus

Our Primary Focus sock was designed to take you out of this world. A lot of our designs can be very detailed but this line is more minimalistic to really make the design pop out at you. These socks are a perfect addition to any sleek outfit.