the art of socks

We believe that socks should be a work of art and an expression of individuality while being a comfortable and practical part of everyday wear.

Trews Plaid Sock - WC1312-14 - Ozone Design Inc
Trews Plaid Sock

Chanelle Plaid Sock - WC1315-19 - Ozone Design Inc
Chanelle Plaid Sock

Ecossais Plaid Sock - WC1313-VL - Ozone Design Inc
Ecossais Plaid Sock

Tartan Plaid Sock - WC1314-VL - Ozone Design Inc
Tartan Plaid Sock

Serpentine Sock - WC1310-VL - Ozone Design Inc
Serpentine Sock

Berbere Sock - MC172-19 - Ozone Design Inc
Berbere Sock

Iban Sock - MC173-18 - Ozone Design Inc
Iban Sock

Tontos Sock - MC175-07 - Ozone Design Inc
Tontos Sock

Rarrkk Sock - MC176-07 - Ozone Design Inc
Rarrkk Sock

Codex Sock - MC174-14 - Ozone Design Inc
Codex Sock

Prince Plaid Sock - MC166-19 - Ozone Design Inc
Prince Plaid Sock

Zig Zag Sock - MC167-19 - Ozone Design Inc
Zig Zag Sock

Club Check Mens Sock - MC169-14 - Ozone Design Inc
Club Check Mens Sock

Trews Mens Sock - MC168-19 - Ozone Design Inc
Trews Mens Sock

MTA MetroCard Sock - MTAM006-14 - Ozone Design Inc
MTA MetroCard Sock

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FLW Bradley House Windows Sock - FLW013M-15 - Ozone Design Inc
Frank Lloyd Wright - Bradley House Windows Sock

FLW Imperial Carvings Sock - FLW014M-VL - Ozone Design Inc
Frank Lloyd Wright - Imperial Carvings Sock

FLW Imperial Peacock Sock - FLW015M-13 - Ozone Design Inc
Frank Lloyd Wright - Imperial Peacock Sock

FLW Oak Park Skylight Sock - FLW016M-19 - Ozone Design Inc
Frank Lloyd Wright - Oak Park Skylight Sock

FLW Pencils Sock - FLW017M-19 - Ozone Design Inc
Frank Lloyd Wright - Pencils Sock


Sock of the Month Club

Sock of the Month Club - SOTMC-F-12 - Ozone Design Inc

Sock of the Month Club

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We have a high fashion approach. We will always push boundaries of what can go on a sock.


Our designs are unique and expressive. We design for all people, styles and occasions.

exceptional quality

We work with top ethical Mills in Japan, Colombia and France to make our socks.