Men's Socks

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Bold and Fun Socks

When it comes to fun men’s socks, Ozone has got the funnest. The art of socks is our motto, after all, and we’re here to help you add a bit of personality to your ensemble. Tons of colors and styles are available for any occasion.

Colorful and unique men’s dress socks can be so hard to find, but lucky for you, we’ve got a whole section. Fabulous fair trade cotton and luxurious Japanese nylon give a pair Ozones quality unmatched by the rest of the industry, a true treat for your feet.

With tongue-in-cheek designs and colorful patterns, you’re sure to always stay a step ahead when you don this footwear. We offer designs ranging from classic argyle dress socks to futuristic geometry, so you’re covered for the office a wedding -- groomsmen, we’re looking at you.

Ozone also takes pride in our large collection of men’s novelty socks. You’ll find secret weapons, flower garlands, undersea creatures, transit maps, reinvented classics and more, if you can believe it. Cool socks for men have never been cooler.

If business as usual is so not your style, opt for the unusual with Ozone’s fashionable business socks. These wearable works of art have international roots — they’re created in Colombia, France, and Japan. Free Shipping on US orders over $20!

Sizing Guide
Shoe Size
Women's OSFM Women's 5-10 Shoe
Women's SM or Regular
Women's 5-10 Shoe
Women's Large
Women's 8.5+ Shoe
Men's OSFM Men's 8-12.5 Shoe
Men's Regular Men's 5-8 Shoe
Men's ML or Large Men's 8-12.5 Shoe