Sheer Socks

Sheer Socks With Designs

High quality and elegant innovation meet in sheer socks by Ozone. Our Japanese mill spins some of the finest threads for our collections, and in this case we use their 220-thread count, monofilament nylon as a base. Atop this silky, translucent layer are where some of our finest designs are stitched, from intricate floral lace to shibari knots.

Our sheer flower socks are some of our most popular styles. Try Floral Damask in crew length or knee-high, put some spring in your step with Sheer Orchid, or electrify your ensemble with Sheer Circuitry. Black sheer socks are another favorite: pinstripes to add sophistication, or Diagonals for some modern intrigue. However and wherever you wear them, your Ozone sheers are sure to dazzle.

Ozone will make you look fashionable and sexy wherever you go. So delicate. So fancy. Shop now and receive FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $20!

Sizing Guide
Shoe Size
Women's OSFM Women's 5-10 Shoe
Women's SM or Regular
Women's 5-10 Shoe
Women's Large
Women's 8.5+ Shoe
Men's OSFM Men's 8-12.5 Shoe
Men's Regular Men's 5-8 Shoe
Men's ML or Large Men's 8-12.5 Shoe