Womens NYC Socks

Women's NYC Subway and Transit Collection

Ozone’s NYC inspired transit collection is designed to keep you moving, whether you’re a commuter, a tourist, or a transportation enthusiast. Get your official subway apparel with our MTA-licensed New York socks, featuring the iconic subway dots or colorful map designed by Italian artist Massimo Vignelli. Or take a walk through Grand Central station, featuring pairs inspired by the iconic clock and ceiling artwork that decorate the inside. Wherever you're going, we hope these funky socks help to make the journey more fun and fashionable.

Great designs inspired by New York City's underground. As iconic as the city they belong to. Free Shipping on all US orders!

Sizing Guide
Shoe Size
Women's OSFM Women's 5-10 Shoe
Women's S/M Women's 5-10 Shoe
Women's M/L Women's 8.5+ Shoe
Men's OSFM Men's 8-12.5 Shoe
Men's S/M Men's 5-8 Shoe
Men's M/L Men's 8-12.5 Shoe