Frank Lloyd Wright Spring 2022

Ozone is launching new Frank Lloyd Wright’s socks this spring! These designs include Pencils, Bradley House Windows, Imperial Carvings, Imperial Peacock, and Oak Park Skylight. Read more below to see which Frank Lloyd Wright pieces each sock is based on.

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most influential architects of modern US history. Born in 1867, Wright came from humble beginnings and was able to achieve great success without a college degree. Mainly working in the Chicago area, Wright's signature Prairie-style houses had inspiration from Japonisme and Modernism. Click here to learn more about this great architect and the contributions he made.


Inspired by the classic Wright colored pencils, these socks use the pencils themselves as a design to build up our socks.

Bradley House Windows

These beautiful socks were inspired by windows that were constructed in the Bradley House of Kankakee, Illinois in 1901. The house turned out to be transitional work that marks the beginning of the famous Wright’s Prairie style.

Imperial Carvings

These socks signify an important time in Wright's career when he traveled to Japan designing a new Imperial hotel. Although the hotel was demolished in 1968 the designs he curated for the carvings have stood the test of time and remain significant.

Imperial Peacock

Similar to the above, this design came from Wright's work in Japan. Based on a peacock motif rug, these glass panels were put into the Imperial hotel.

Oak Park Skylight

The Oak Park skylight is our most personal design inspired by Wright. This skylight design was in the entrance to Frank Lloyd Wright's studio, attached to his home in Oak Park, IL.