Frank Lloyd Wright Style

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright’s progressive philosophy, emphasis on the environment and laser focus on detail made him the most important artful architect of the 20th Century, and Ozone is thrilled to have collaborated with the FLW Foundation in producing this capsule collection. Inspired by his careful geometric repetitions and variations that have influenced artists across all mediums in the past hundred years, we were up to the challenge of transposing some of Wright’s most famous designs onto our socks. We think it’s a step in the Wright direction!

Avery Coonley Playhouse

Though it was created to be a campus for early childhood education, Wright certainly wasn’t playing around with the playhouse design. Approximately 270 abstract stained glass windows and doors are present throughout the entire Coonley property, now tessellating all over your socks!


Tree of Life

Breaking the tree down into shapes of its most essential parts, this geometric rendition is perhaps Wright’s most well-known stained glass design. Situated among the windows of the Darwin D Martin house, this motif repeats in shape with changing colors in its leaves to represent each season. The root of FLW’s geometric work is now firmly rooted on your feet.


March Balloons

Frank Lloyd Wright was known primarily for his architectural design, but his body of work also extended into graphics and home décor. His March Balloons motif originated from a series of abstract graphic design created for the March 1926 cover of Liberty Magazine, hence its name. Since then, the design has been adapted as a carpet (by FLW himself), posters, pillows, and now we’re excited to present it in its latest iteration on our socks.

Guggenheim Spiral

Wright’s design of the Guggenheim Museum stands out in NYC, prominently setting itself apart on a street otherwise filled with traditional high rises. Its famous spiral staircase that visitors climb and descend to move between exhibitions serves as the inspiration for this Ozone original. This one is sure to turn heads just as much as the twisting spiral it’s based on.