Gender Neutral Curation

Ozone has always operated on the principles of inclusion and freedom of self expression. The curated gender neutral sock section on our website is reflective of our aim as a brand to allow everyone to express themselves, especially where gender is concerned. This selection includes a variety of floral, patterns, stripes, and many more incredible styles. Keep reading to find out more about these artistic additions to your pride month wardrobe! One size fits most. 


Iconics 7

After Willi Smith and Laurie Mallet (Ozone Founder) founded Willi Wear in 1976, these striped socks became their signature. This pair, named the Iconics 7, is a bright reflection of the vibrant spirit of Willi Smith, who was proud to be a black, gay man.  

Jungle de Jouy 

Add a nod to the famous French Toile de Jouy prints to your wardrobe with these complex designs. Perfect for bold summer outfits, this style is sure to add an artistic edge to any look.  

Spots N' Dots

Make Sure your friends can spot you in the crowd by wearing these colorful Spots N’ Dots socks. The contrast between the dots colors and sizes almost demands an equally dramatic outfit. 

Snake Sock

Slither into your most authentic expression of self in these over the calf socks based on the 50s classic necktie design.