Women's Spring 2022 Collection inspired by Gustav Klimt

This spring Ozone is elated to release multiple sock designs inspired by the late great modernist Gustav Klimt. This includes the Serpentine, Spirals, Sinuous, Japonisme, Circle waves, and Foliate socks. These designs took a lot of time and hard work to design and pay respect to the art that inspired it, all the while giving the customers a unique sock.

Born in 1862, Klimt was an Austrian painter who was very prominent in the Vienna Secession movement. Seeing Klimt's engulfing colors and loud shapes was a perfect blueprint for our designs to give them a standout look that will surely draw attention from any art enthusiast. Click here to learn more about Klimt and his career.


With our Serpentine design, we aimed to incorporate Klimt's beautiful flowers with his twisting and turning branches giving you a bright and busy sock with flowers blooming. This design grabs the attention of people from all walks of life.


The Spirals line has mesmerizing patterns of a spiral that goes from the top to the bottom. We hope they grab you the way they grab us, shooting you into a vortex of socks. Don't forget about the back—Klimt was known for his unique and original patterns, so we put them along the arch to give someone something to look back at when you walk by.



One of the more intricate designs, our Sinuous socks are destined to intrigue the eye of any art enthusiast with all the little details we incorporated from Klimt's work. From the birds and fish to the encompassing vortexes with eyes in the middle, you can look at these socks for hours and still discover the little details we incorporated.


With all the explosive designs, our Japonisme line is perfect for the more laid back. Our carefully placed bouquets with the complimenting patterns bring out some of the best qualities of Klimt's work and allow for our design team to give you a simple yet detailed sock.

Circles and Wave

The Circles and Waves line will reach out to you and pull you in like the tide. Klimt's flowers are always a masterpiece, so we included them at the top and the bottom, with the middle being filled with swirling lines and branches reaching out to get you.


The Foliate line may remind you of bubbles coming to the surface of the water, but it was based on the cloak worn by the woman in Hope ii by Klimt. Coming in multiple different color schemes, this line is guaranteed to attract warranted attention from art enthusiasts who recognize the captivating patterns.