Women's Striped Socks

Colorful Striped Socks

When it comes to making great socks, we’ve certainly earned our stripes. Striped socks are one of our most well-known specialties at Ozone, both our classic styles and those that reimagine tradition. A perfect piece to switch up your wardrobe and keep things modern. Keep your feet elegantly simple and progressively hip. 

We take pride in the wide and vibrant color palette we are able to offer: red and orange, blue and white, and plenty of styles which incorporate several shades and contrasts. Fair trade cottons from Colombia and France lay the foundation for some of our most comfortable socks, and silky Japanese nylon makes for the elegant Sheer Stripe and Pinstripe designs. Several lengths are also available: women’s and men’s striped crew socks are some of our most popular, and knee high, thigh high (over the knee), and no-show styles round out the collection. Whatever the occasion, show your true stripes with a pair of these beauties!

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Sizing Guide
Shoe Size
Women's OSFM Women's 5-10 Shoe
Women's SM or Regular
Women's 5-10 Shoe
Women's Large
Women's 8.5+ Shoe
Men's OSFM Men's 8-12.5 Shoe
Men's Regular Men's 5-8 Shoe
Men's ML or Large Men's 8-12.5 Shoe