Sock of the Month FAQ

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What is the Sock of the Month Club?

    We like to think that the sock is the perfect gift. And with the Sock of the Month Club, you get to give (or get) this perfect gift every month for a year.

      What socks get sent?

        Any sock on the site is fair game.

          Can I pick what socks get sent?

            While we think that part of the enjoyment of the Sock of the Month Club is not knowing what you are going to get each month. But, if you have a request, please add a note in the order comments and we will try to oblige. 

              When do you ship the socks?

                We try to ship each month's pair of socks around the 15th of the month. Sometimes we run a little late but it is nothing to be concerned with. If it gets to close to the end of the month and you still haven't got your socks, please email gus @ and he will look into the issue for you.

                  I'm buying this for a gift, do I need to do anything special?

                    All you need to do is make sure you fill out the shipping address of the person getting this awesome gift. And if you want to add a special note, add that to the comments area.

                      I don't live in the us, do you ship to my country?

                        Unfortunately, we can not ship Sock of the Month Club orders out of the country. Sock of the Month Club is only open to residents of the United States.

                          I'm gonna order anyways.

                            Okay, but the order will be cancelled.

                              I moved and want to change my shipping address.

                                Please send an email to gus @ with all your details and he will take care of it.

                                  I don't like the sock you sent.

                                    While we do think you will love every sock, we know that every sock will not be your favorite. If something comes and you really don't like it, email Gus and he will try to help.

                                      I received the same sock as a different month.

                                        Very rarely will this mistake happen but if it does, let Gus know.

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