Wedding Socks For The Bride and Groom


A Perfect Pair for Every Newlywed Pair: Ozone’s Wedding Guide

Planning a wedding is stressful, we get it. The venue, the menu, guest list, seating chart...not to mention what you’re going to wear! While we’re sure that dresses and tuxes are the first thing that people think of when wedding clothes are mentioned, socks are not to be forgotten. In fact, one of the questions that we are asked most frequently is: “Which of your socks are best for the wedding I have coming up?” To which we answer: “Depends on what kind of wedding! There are so many we could recommend.” Here’s a handy guide for men and women to match a wedding theme to the perfect pair that will be as unforgettable as the night itself.


Simple and elegant come together with this wedding theme: think twine, mason jars, picnic tables, maybe a barn, and most likely an outdoor reception. Our recommendations would be the delicate and graceful Sheer Orchid for women, and the meditative lines of Sand Ripples for men. Both will tie together ensembles that aren’t too flashy, but comfortable and sophisticated.

ozone design womens sheer orchid sock



Harken back to better days with a theme that recalls decades past. Antiques and weathered objects will set the stage for a charming ambience, while ensembles will be classic but chic. A sheer like Floral Damask in white or black will round out the dress, and the men’s Radical Geometry will add a splash of color into the conventional tux.

ozone design colorful mens dress socks


Garden Party

Whether it’s in a rural backyard, a botanical garden or on a farm, the more flowery, casual weddings are a summer staple. For these colorful ceremonies, a bit more pop can be added to the ensemble: women can try our Sheer Rose in several pastels, or try Floral Damask from our Vintage selections in its deep red colorway. For men, we recommend the kaleidoscopic Paradise Garden for a pair that nobody will be able to keep their eyes off of.

garden party wedding socks



You know what we mean when we say traditional: married in a church, driving off in a limo, everyone dressed to the nines. With so much variety in today’s weddings, it’s nice to attend a more traditional ceremony every once in a while. Our Sheer Stripe will blend in beautifully with a classic dress, while the Classic Stripe adds a slight (but welcomed) bit of variance into a tuxedo.

ozone design sheer striped womens socks


The seaside ceremony is a unforgettable experience: the sounds of the water, the salty air, and decorations made from stones and shells are just a few things that come to mind. For nautical nuptials, we recommend Sheer Zodiac and Sky Signs, a pair of pairs based on old sailors’ maps. Make waves with their lurex sparkle and sleek Japanese nylon fibers, adding a sophisticated yet whimsical maritime touch to your ensemble.

seaside wedding socks

~Ben LoPiccolo - Content Creator for Ozone Design