The Perfect Gift

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    November 2004

    When Laurie and Peter went to dinner parties they always brought a bottle of French wine, wonderful chocolates, or seasonal flowers. They debated the idea of bringing socks, hardly a traditional idea. Laurie said, "let's give it a try". From that point on they always brought Ozone Socks. Oddly, they kept on being invited to more dinner parties.

    Years later, when they brought an occasional bottle of wine, their hosts were a bit disappointed that the socks were not making their awaited appearance. Now they always give Ozone Socks; to friends,family,doctors,hairdressers,car mechanics,postal workers (etc,etc). At home dinner parties there is always an appropriate pair for each guest.

    So the tradition was born. When you think about it, bringing an item that was historically considered an undergarment to a dinner party was fairly radical. As Laurie always says: "Socks belong in the world of fashion, and items of fashion will always be the perfect gift".

    Let's keep the tradition going- Ozone Socks: The Perfect Gift
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